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How does the service work?  ​Our service works by first allowing you to choose a package that fits your needs. I will reach out to you to discuss your requirements. We will consider your budget, size, event, and other preferences to create the perfect outfit for you. To set the vibe of what you're looking for, we will send an inspirational mood board. We will then create shoppable style boards for you and if you are not completely satisfied, you can ask for a revision. Our goal is to provide you with a stress-free and enjoyable experience, while helping you create the perfect look for any occasion.

What is the difference between a moodboard and a styleboard?  When it comes to creative processes like design or styling, using visual aids can make a huge difference in communicating your vision. Mood boards and style boards are two such tools that are commonly used by stylists to help clients define their style and preferences. A mood board is essentially a visual representation of a client's preferred style, color palette, and overall aesthetic. It is meant to help the stylist get a feel for the client's preferences and guide their creative direction. A style board, on the other hand, takes things a step further by putting together more concrete styling options. It may include complete outfits or individual items that the client is interested in. Essentially, the mood board provides a starting point for the style board, and both work together to help the stylist bring the client's vision to life.

How fast will my Stylist deliver my moodboard and styleboards? Our stylist team strives to provide high-quality mood board and style board services, and we understand how important it is to deliver them in a timely manner. After your request is submitted, it may take up to 24 hours for our stylist to start working on your order. However, if you require a faster turnaround time, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Our team is dedicated to delivering results that exceed your expectations, while ensuring a seamless experience every step of the way.

I want to declutter my wardrobe and do not know where to start. If you are feeling overwhelmed with a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear, this is the service you should select! We offer a comprehensive service that is tailored to your needs. Our process begins with a 121 chat to hear your concerns and understand your style preferences. We will then come to your house and look at your wardrobe with fresh eyes. Together, we will make a selection of what's good to keep and what should go. This way, we can declutter and make space for new pieces that truly embody your style. Our aim is to not only create a functional wardrobe but also to inspire creativity with what's already in your closet. In addition, if you need some new items to complement what's in your wardrobe, we offer a service where we can source new pieces for you.

Can I ask my Stylist to work with brands I like? Absolutely! It is important to communicate this request to the stylist in advance so they can plan accordingly and confirm if they have access to those specific brands or not. Additionally, keep in mind that the stylist's main priority is finding clothing and accessories that best fit your personal style, body type and budget, so they may suggest items from other brands that still meet your preferences. Overall, open communication with your stylist is key in ensuring a successful styling experience.

Do you work internationally? Yes, we work internationally! You can contact us from anywhere in the world. Additionally, if you need us to travel to you, we are willing to do so with a price that we agree upon. So no matter where you are located, we can assist you with our services. Please email us with your enquiry.

Do you offer montly membership? Yes, we do and are working on it to be featured on the website. If you cannot wait, please email us!

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